• January 1, 1997

Mebyon Kernow Press Release – 30-01-1997

Five centuries ago, 15000 sons of Cornwall took a stand against the rule of London. Marching all the way from the Lizard village of St. Keverne to Blackheath near London, they represented Cornwall and the wishes of its people.

500 years on, we must strive to bring all the people of Cornwall together once again as we campaign for maximum autonomy for Cornwall. The achievement of An Gof and Flamank in uniting the people of Cornwall remains an inspiration. It is right that the spirit and memory of these enduring heroes of Cornish nationalism should be evoked in our modern day fight for the future of Cornwall. Throughout 1997, we must celebrate their achievements, our Cornishness and work to enhance the reputations of these men – the greatest of Cornish heroes.

There will be those among our political opponents, of course, who will offer snide criticism by saying that we are looking to the past when we should be looking to the future – but we should not be scared of such comments. Mebyon Kernow – the party for Cornwall – is a progressive, forward looking party, to which our new manifesto is a marvellous testament.

We must remember it is only due to people like An Gof and Flamank that the Cornish identity survives, and that the best chance for Cornwall are the Cornish, green, left of centre and decentralist policies of Mebyon Kernow, supported by the bedrock that is our distinctive identity and network of communities.

As we enter 1997, there is a greater acceptance of our special identity and distinctiveness than ever before. We must take confidence in this and demand the political and economic autonomy that we need to take back control of our own affairs.

And it is a struggle we are winning – MK pressure is winning for Cornwall. Just before Christmas David Curry, Major’s man for the ‘south-west’, openly acknowledged that Cornwall should be split from Devon in its dealings with Europe so that Cornwall will be able to benefit from Objective One funding. This has only happened because of MK pressure and it is only MK that has alerted the Cornish people that they have missed out on this funding. Cornwall’s GDP is only 71.2% of the UK average, compared to 77.4% in 1981. That fall over the last 15 years equals a loss, in real money, of stlg2,590,000,000 to Cornish communities.

That is £stg5430 lost to every man, woman and child in Cornwall today.

During November, in less than 3 weeks, MK’s National Executive Committee was able to compile a petition of nearly 1,000 signatures demanding a Cornish Euro-seat. Again it was MK that was leading the fight for Cornwall, to be followed by Cornwall Council which unanimously backed an MK motion for proper Cornish representation in Europe.

Cornwall’s distinctive character and it’s future prosperity will only be safeguarded by MK and the policies and sentiments we represent. We must pull out all the stops in 1997. This symbolic year is our great fight for Cornwall. With four General Election prospective parliamentary candidates and many council candidtes in place, we must offer a real Cornish alternative.

Work for Cornwall in 1997. Join the celebrations, march for Cornwall but most of all participate in MK’s most important campaign for years.Help with leafleting and canvassing, support MK’s election fund, or write letters to local newspapers in support of MK policies, if in Cornwall stand as a local council candidate, just do whatever you can.

REMEMBER – 1997 is the year that matters.

Support Mebyon Kernow in 1997.

MK has a dedicated team of election candidates and workers, but we are still up against the wealth and might of the English parties. In order to fight effective campaigns, the party will need your help, both money and people power will be required. MK has no private income, we are totally dependent on peoples commitment. Please help in whatever way you can. Please give generously. Donations can be sent to:

Election Fund,
c/o Graham Symmons,
Tremayne Farm cottage,
Praze an Beeble,
British Isles

Details from;

MK Campaigns,
Shell Cottage,
Moorland Road,
Indian Queens,
TR9 6HN,
British Isles.

To register for the march to London contact;

Keskerdh Kernow 500,
5 Quarry House,
Rundles Court,
Malpas Road,
Truro. TR1 1UR

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