“Can you give food to the food bank this Christmas?” Cameron asked

December 22, 2013

NEWS FROM CELTIC LEAGUE A six year old girl from Camborne has prompted her father to write again to the Prime Minister of the UK again about the growing number of people using food banks in her community. Olwen asked her father to

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Submarine Narrowly Misses Fishing Boat off Coast of Ireland

December 21, 2013

NEWS FROM CETIC LEAGUE The appearance of a submarine off the coast of Donegal coast in Ireland/Eire this week, narrowly missing a fishing boat, prompted a plethora of enquiries from journalists wanting to speak with the League’s Director of Information, Bernard Moffatt. Mr

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Irish Language Commissioner Resigns

December 10, 2013

NEWS FROM CELTIC LEAGUE The Irish language Commissioner Seán Ó Cuirreáin resigned last week from his position after almost ten years, because of what he called the Irish government’s “hypocrisy” in dealing with the Irish language. The Coimisinéir Teanga, whose role it is

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