• February 17, 2016


Turning to the Manx Radio pages this morning there’s a picture of a strange gaunt man looking ominously out at me. I’m bemused for a while as I had expected the lead item to be another of those Isle of Man Constabulary Road Traffic Unit promos that come across like the ‘Break from the drama’ Skoda Adverts.

Then I realise that it’s Eddie Teare MHK Treasury Minister and of course its budget day!

The story strap-line says ‘Teare prepares to deliver budget’. However if things work as they always have he will have delivered it already earlier this week.

First to COMIN then to his colleague members of Tynwald with an embargoed briefing to the media (which of course they never used to crack on about because that would spoil the show).

Indeed over the years the only people in the dark on budget day were the hoi polloi all the movers and shapers had been given a sneak preview in advance.

The MR news is dominated by the budget as the next few items also focus on it. The public are hoping for a boost so the radio (like MTTV yesterday) has been out on the stump asking punters what they wish for – its kind of Xmas time for adults and for the most part all the items on the public wish list may as well be posted up the chimney for all the notice Eddie will have taken as he compiled the budget.

Hang on that’s not true Eddie will not have compiled it at all. It will have been put together by the brains in the Treasury all Eddie has to do is ignore Peter Karrans sniggers and deliver the script authoritatively (like a Minister) and you can bet your life the media will not accuse him of doing a Zac Hall as plagiarism was last weeks story and anyway the media seem happy now they have the scalp of one political plagiarist.

The budget will be delivered there will be a load of semi-coherent drivel from any MHK/MLCs who could be bothered making up script last night after their pre-briefing then they will for the most part rubber-stamp it by voting it through.

At one time the only excitement on budget day was waiting to see if any MHK(s) would join Peter Karran who invariably voted against.

Meanwhile back at the studio ‘on the head’ the radio station will build up the excitement with all sorts of ‘suits’ interjecting knowing comments.

Ironically one of the Manx Radio strap-lines is ‘Pound in your pocket’. Well here’s my prediction for what its worth the pound in your pocket is worth less now than when these clowns took over and any crumbs they give out this year will be clawed back next when some of them are safely ensconced in the feather bed of Tynwald for another five years.

Budget day baloney – or am I just cynical in my old age!


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