• November 10, 2011

At the Annual General Meeting (held in Falkirk over the weekend 28-30th October) the General Secretary (GS) in addition to his `home’ country reports also gave brief reports on the various overseas branches and areas of interest for the Celtic League.


In relation to the American (US) branch he advised that activity was low and that production of the Celtic Calendar had been discontinued, However the branch had a Secretary in post and they still continued to publish their local newsletter regularly (see also DOI report).

The branch Secretary is League stalwart, Stephen De Villo.


Whilst no formal branch is active in Nova Scotia in September 2010, the Convenor, Cathal O Luain, and Patricia Bridson had travelled to Nova Scotia with the aim of strengthening contacts and looking into the possibility of re-establishing the Branch.

Both the League members had met up with members of the Comhairle na Gaidhlig/Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia, Gaelic language activists and the CEO of the Oifis Iomairtean na Gàidhlig/Office of Gaelic Affairs Lewis McKinnion.

The Convenor reported that he had had a two hour interview with Mr McKinnon who had offered to help in the development of the Celtic League website and expressed interest in re-forming a Cape Breton Branch.

The main priority in that area now is to find someone to carry out the role of Secretary and until that is achieved the branch cannot be reactivated.

Contact is maintained and the League is sent the newsletter of Comhairle na Gaidhlig/Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia on a weekly basis.


Whilst there are communication difficulties between the Patagonia Branch and the GS the branch established amongst the Welsh speaking area of Argentina is active (members of the League spent several years trying to establish the branch so it was heartening that these efforts continue to bear fruit)

The branch Secretary is Monica Jones (assisted by her husband Michael) and they maintain good contact with the General Secretary although best communication source is the Internet as there can be problems with the postal service.

The branch has expressed the hope that a delegation from the Celtic League will be able to visit the area in the not to distant future.

For comment or clarification on this news item in the first instance contact:

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, General Secretary, Celtic League:

Tel: 0044 (0)1209 319912
M: 0044 (0)7787318666


The General Secretary will determine the appropriate branch or General Council Officer to respond to your query.



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