• June 17, 2010

The British Army, via the Ministry of Defence, has reiterated its intention to continue its policy of recruitment of citizens of the Republic of Ireland.

The confirmation comes in a response to the Celtic League which had written to the MOD pointing out that the ambiguous wording on some of their recruitment websites could encourage agencies in Ireland to circulate recruitment materials in breach of Irish law, a situation which had occurred recently in Limerick (see link below):


However, the MOD has refused to redesign their website saying:

“Thank you for your letter of 11 May to the Ministry of Defence regarding the recruitment of citizens into the British Army from the Republic of Ireland. This Division has been asked to reply.

The Army’s website at www.army.mod.uk provides information on eligibility criteria for those considering a career in the British Army. A career in the British Army is both worthwhile and challenging. Only those who are fully prepared for the rigours and rewards that service brings will succeed in the selection process. Whether a citizen of the UK, Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland, the British Army does not induce, procure or persuade anyone to enlist.

Citizens of the Republic of Ireland are eligible to join the British Army and it is the responsibility of the individual to seek information either through our website or through a careers office in Britain. Careers Office staff will advise interested individuals on how they can make an application to join. On the basis that the website is providing information on eligibility criteria only there are currently no plans to amend the website as you have suggested.

I hope this explains the position,

Yours sincerely”

Ironically, the MOD commitment to continued recruitment in Ireland had come just days before the publication of the Saville Report which finally confirmed that the British Army murdered 13 Irish people in Derry on Bloody Sunday 1972 (in addition one person injured on the same day died some months later).

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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