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The officially recognised banner of the Celtic League was amongst hundreds of Welsh flags carried at the Prince Llewellyn Commemoration procession and rally held on Saturday 6th December, 2014 at Cilmeri in Powys, Cymru.

Members of the Celtic League from as far away as Kernow travelled to the annual event held to remember the Battle of Irfon Bridge which was fought between the English and Welsharmies on 11 December 1282 near Builth Wells in mid-Wales. It was a decisive defeat for the Welsh because their leader, Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffuddwas killed and this effectively ended the independence of Wales.

After a Llywelyn memorial service including Mass and elegies to him held in Llanynys Church, a procession led by pipes and drums made its way to the imposing Llywelyn Monument at Cilmeri and the crowds heard from many speakers of the importance of sustaining and supporting the Welsh language, history, heritage and culture.

Event organiser, David Petersen, publicly thanked the delegation from Kernow for taking the effort to attend in support of the Welsh and invited continued Cornish participation in other Welsh events including St David’s Day in Cardiff during 2015. Mr Petersen had attended the commemoration ceremony of Michael Joseph An Gof held in St Keverne, Kernow earlier in the year.

Cornwall Branch Convener, who carried the Celtic League banner, Cllr Mike Chappell said, ‘We attend in support of our Welsh brothers and sisters on this, a special day for Wales and the Welsh people. We are honoured to be allowed to participate and to show solidarity with our fellow Celts with whom we share very close ties and strongly support calls for safeguards for the beautiful language of Wales and for that country’s unique history and heritage. We must never underestimate the importance of language and heritage for these are the foundations of a better future.’

Another of the Cornish Branch who attended, Anne Kennedy Truscott said, ‘It has been a truly great day and the welcome we have been shown is incredible. It is only right that we support our fellow Celts at these important events wherever possible in a spirit of pan Celtic support and co operation.’

Cross reference: https://celticleague.net/bre-lang/news/llywelyn-ein-llyw-olaf-cilmeri-2014/


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