• February 26, 2015


Members of the Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League and followers in the Duchy, were incensed to read a recent article in the Independent Newspaper – ‘Prince warns of planet in crisis’ Independent The News Matrix: Thursday 26 February 2015.

In the article, Duke Charles of Cornwall, also Prince of Wales and Duke of Rothesay, High Steward of Scotland and Lord of the Isles is reported to have addressed the Royal Society in London warning that global warming is “already causing ecosystem collapse, loss of habitation, poverty, starvation, migration and conflict”. Speaking at an event at the Royal Society in London yesterday, he said: “Actions which are good for the planet are also good for human health.”

This announcement by Charles runs quite contrary to his policies of green belt eradication in Cornwall and the recent letters sent out by his office to thousands of Cornish people warning that he retains the complete right to exploit land for minerals and other commodities under their homes and properties.

A letter responding to the article has been sent to the Independent:

“The Editor
The Independent Newspaper
2 Derry Street
London W8 5HF

26thFebruary, 2015

Dear Editor

We had to laugh in Kernow (Cornwall) when we read of Duke Charles’ dire warnings about the planet – ‘Prince warns of planet in crisis’ Independent The News Matrix: Thursday 26 February 2015.

We have to admit that he talks a good talk and he presents himself as an Old Testament prophet warning of dire consequences of other people’s behaviour.

What he neglected to mention, though, was that everything he says is utterly contradicted by everything he does in our little country of Cornwall.

Here in Cornwall, Charles is Duke and “by right of the Duchy of Cornwall”, a quaint phrase, he can decimate communities, carry out rapacious developments out of all control and kill the planet he claims to represent.

His “private estate” has had laws enacted in its favour, and Charles enjoys Crown Immunity as a result. He continues to take money from Cornwall, one of the poorest regions of Europe, but still fails to support any of our communities!

Please hear the groans of the Cornish and expose this monster for the hypocrite he is!

Yours faithfully

Tony Leamon
Cornwall Branch of the Celtic League”

Link to article: https://www.independent.co.uk/i/matrix/the-news-matrix-thursday-26-february-2015-10070948.html?origin=internalSearch

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information


(Please note that replies to correspondence received by the League and posted on CL News are usually scanned hard copies. Obviously every effort is made to ensure the scanning process is accurate but sometimes errors do occur).


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