• February 27, 2010

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has responded to a concern expressed by the Celtic League last month about the deliberate planting of explosives on a scheduled airline flight from the Slovak Republic to Ireland.

In January as part of what Slovak authorities called a `security exercise’ the explosives were placed on the plane at Poprad-Tatry Airport. Subsequently the explosives passed undetected through Dublin airport and were finally seized by Gardai at a flat in the City centre. The passenger whose baggage was used was completely unaware of the incident until Irish police swooped and although briefly arrested was completely exonerated of any involvement. He was said to be `traumatised’ by the events.

Following revelations about the bizarre incident the Celtic League wrote to EASA and asked if it to conducting an enquiry. The reply, from Chief Legal Adviser, F Manuhutu says that the body is:

“evaluating the information provided and will come back as soon as possible”

Though diplomatic interest in the incident soon dissipated the issue of how explosives could be planted on a plane and remain undetected for so long continues to be unresolved.

Related link on Celtic News (also contains link to Irish Times report on the matter) here:


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