• June 1, 2010

The Secretary of the Partnership of Cornish Cultural Organisations has expressed his views to Tesco about the placement of English team world cup memorabilia at stores in Cornwall (see text below).

In measured terms he has said the placement of such memorabilia should be
proportionate and can cause offence if by its sale it appears that the distinct
cultural identity of the Celtic countries is being subordinated.

From some reports received by the Celtic League it appears that some chain
stores are adopting sensitivity over placement of such memorabilia with some groups ensuring that `England’ material is not marketed at their outlets in Scotland and Ireland.

It appears however that Cornwall and Mann are regarded as part of ‘England’ for marketing purposes.

“Dear Tesco

I am encouraged by some of the responses I have seen coming from Tesco in regard to the insensitive placement of so many St George’s flags in Cornish stores. We understand that people who class themselves as English are excited about the world cup, as indeed are people from all other competing Nations. Why can’t I buy an Australian Flag, the side I’ll be supporting as the most Cornish side in the event?

We are not English and do not consider ourselves to be English. We are Cornish, and like the Welsh, Scots, Irish, Bretons and Manx (the six Celtic Nations) we are:

• Geographically distinctive
• Demographically distinctive
• Ecologically distinctive
• Linguistically distinctive
• Economically distinctive
• Environmentally distinctive
• Geologically distinctive
• Legally distinctive
• Constitutionally distinctive
• Culturally distinctive
• Industrially distinctive……………..

….from England. For all these reasons of difference, history will show that
England has treated Cornwall with contempt for daring to be different. Indeed, during the Civil War Cornwall at times fought both sides in the War as it waged its own war of independence. It is fair to say we were far more supportive of the Royalist side, trusting foreign European blood above English aspirations to homogenise the whole of Britain.

As such the St George’s flag represents hatred, persecution, domination and
occupation to us down here.

Unlike some of the English press, which chosen to misrepresent us, we are not
calling for a total ban, just some measure and proportion in recognition of the
deep distress that this time is causing us. Please don’t wait until the event is
over before delivering this balance for us.


Colin Roberts

Secretary – Skrifennyas
Bewnans Kernow
The Partnership of Cornish Cultural Organisations”

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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