• September 14, 2016

The earlier post which referred to the annual slaughter of pilot whales in the Faeroes Islands reminded me of the casual way in which society still exploits the marine environment either for food stocks or in the case of the seal slaughter in Canada for fashion.
As our article on the super trawlers highlighted several countries and regional blocs such as CHINA and the EU think the planet has finite resources and indeed both those groups are currently engaged in massive overfishing of Atlantic resources from south of Iceland, off the west of Ireland to the coast of Africa.
Regulation is not working and the environmental groups which are spearheading the fight back globally ironically find their efforts being hamstrung by regulation.
One of the most combative and resourceful groups are Sea Shepherd which is in the front line in defending our Oceans and marine environment.
They are constantly under scrutiny and pressure as this article shoes but they fight on:
If you can help them with a donation or failing that just moral support do so – time is running out and countries like CHINA and blocs like the EU don’t care!
Link: http://www.seashepherd.org/?gclid=CMi1-e_qjs8CFRSNGwodBb0MZw
Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch
Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.

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