• January 17, 2019

Talks are underway to avert a strike by Nurses in the Irish Republic planned for the end of the month.

Government Ministers including the Taoiseach have been criticised by remarks they have made about the Nursing profession ahead of the strike.

Over 37,000 members of the INMO are scheduled to take part in the first 24 hour action as the Irish Health Service struggles to cope with the concerns and damage to morale that have been caused by pay austerity, It’s an issue not peculiar to Ireland (26 Counties) and indeed the same pressures are felt by Nursing Staff throughout these Islands who in my view have not received a fair deal. In the Isle of Man current pay talks for Health workers are still unresolved.

As for the Irish Nurses they are not simply leaving it to their Unions one in particular set out her own stall by publishing her pay for a two week shift on twitter. As this report from the Irish Post points out the tweet went viral:


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Celtic League

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