• September 27, 2014

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This afternoon (27th September 2014) a rally is being held in Nantes, Breizh (Brittany) that is being billed as ‘The Big Breton Rally’ for reunification.

The rally is the latest in a series of mass rallies that have taken place in the ancient Breton city of Nantes over the years to show the French government and the wider world the public support for Breton reunification of the Loire Atlantique department with the rest of Breizh.

In 1941 the Loire Atlantique department was merged with the French Pays de la Loire region by the Fascist Vichy Government, which it remains a part of today. It has been reported time and again that there is widespread support among the people of the Loire Atlantique department and the rest of Breizh for reunification, but the French government has so far refused to meet this call.

The demonstrations in Nantes – the ancient Breton capital that falls into the Loire Atlantique department – have been planned in an attempt to influence the French government to reconsider its position regarding Breton reunification. However, the success of the rally this afternoon is seen as crucial in trying to persuade the French government and parliament to modify a Bill of law that suggests that Breizh remains divided, with the Loire Atlantique region remaining within the artificially created region of Pays de Loire. The territorial reform of the State of France is part of a political strategy developed by President Hollande to try and improve the economic competitiveness of the French regions, but his plans for Breizh highlights Hollande’s lack of vision and understanding for this unique Celtic country.

One of the long standing aims of the Celtic League has been to work for the reunification of Brittany in order to restore its historic territorial integrity. The Celtic League calls once again on the French government to reconsider its position to allow Breizh to be reunified and to support internal calls for a Breton Assembly with devolved powers to be created so that this ancient Celtic nation can better realise its cultural and economic potential. The current territorial reforms being proposed run contrary to the European Union’s commitment to nurture and protect the minorities within member states, including historic borders. Members of the Celtic League will join in solidarity with other organisations today in peacefully rallying for Breton reunification.

The Celtic League wholeheartedly supports the demand of the Breton people to have their historic borders upheld, as is their right under international agreements. The rally today is an opportunity for all those who want territorial justice to be restored to the Breton people to come together in solidarity, so that Breizh can move on and build the prosperous future it deserves within the Celtic family of nations.



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