• July 26, 2010

Concerns about the ongoing problems at Maghaberry prison in Northern Ireland were reported on at the Celtic League in Mannin (Isle of Man) last weekend.

Both the General Secretary (GS) and Director of Information (DOI) provided information on correspondence which the League has exchanged with the British authorities, medical governance bodies and the Council of Europe (CPT).

The DOI said that despite a fairly comprehensive (10 page) response by the NI Prison Service to the League about issues raised it was clear that there were fundamental difficulties in the operation of the prison regime that should be
the subject of independent scrutiny.

The AGM eventually adopted a resolution moved by the Cornish branch of the League which has actively protested over the Maghaberry situation in the past few months.

The text of the resolution is set out below:

“This AGM calls for an open and transparent independent public enquiry into Maghaberry Prison in the North of Ireland following constant complaints by inmates of human rights abuses.”

The GS and National branches were urged to press the UK, Irish and pan European rights bodies to ensure effect is given to the resolution.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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