• November 6, 2015


A news release has come in from Culture Vannin advising that nominations are now being accepted for the Reih Bleeaney Vanannan (RBV) award.

The full text of the release is set out below and there are also links to both the Culture Vannin page and the wiki entry for this prestigious award.

Coincidentally Colin Jerry, whose contribution to Manx music and culture is to be remembered in a talk on the 28th of November at the Guild Room in Peel (2:30pm), was also one of the early recipients of the RBV.

Colin was a pivotal figure and one of the most significant contributors to the revival of the fortunes of traditional Manx music in modern times. (wiki link):


To further compound the coincidence the man giving the talk on Colin, Bob Carswell was himself awarded the RBV in 2013. Bob a musician and language activist for many years has compered the Claare ny Gael radio programme for many years (wiki link):
The text of the release:

“Media release from Culture Vannin.

For more details, please contact Breesha Maddrell on 676169 or enquiries@culturevannin.im

“Who will be Manannan’s Choice of the Year?

‘Manannan’s Choice of the Year’ or the ‘Reih Bleeaney Vanannan’ is an annual cultural award made to an individual (or group) who has made the greatest contribution to the Island’s cultural heritage. The nominees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, working to promote and support language, literature, art, music, dance, history, education and the environment, and many more. The winner of the award receives a personal award of £500 and is invited to name a Manx cultural cause which will receive an additional donation of £500 from Culture Vannin.

Last year, William Cain CBE TH was awarded the RBV for his voluntary work for the conservation and protection of the wildlife and environment of the Isle of Man. As a former Chairman of the Manx Wildlife Trust, he had worked to establish the 1990 Manx Wildlife Act and to develop the Trust as an organisation which now owns and manages twenty two reserves, operates two visitor centres and a gift shop, and employs officers who are involved in educational outreach and research.

Previous winners include Clare Kilgallon (music, song and dance), the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh (language and culture), Allan Skillan (fieldwalking and prehistory), and Maureen Costain Richards (Manx artistic heritage particularly the Manx crosses), which shows that the aspects of Manx culture covered by the award really are diverse.

It was Mona Douglas who identified Manannan as the patron of Manx culture. Her work with Ellynyn ny Gael (the arts of the Gaels) led to the development of the original Mananan Trophy, which was later reincarnated as the RBV. The brainchild of Manxman, Stephen Quayle, the trophy was designed by the late Eric Austwick, and consists of the figure of the seagod Manannan standing on a piece of Pooilvaaish marble. Although the trophy is only held for a year, each recipient of the RBV is awarded a medal designed by Jenny Kissack and reproduced in silver and enamel by Celtic Gold.

So who should be Manannan’s Choice of the Year? Only you can decide! The closing date for nominations is Friday 27 November 2015.”


Issued by: The Celtic News



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