• March 6, 2010

Low paid workers on the Isle of Man have been given a derisory 10p an hour increase in their minimum wage. The new rate of £6:10p gives a 1.5% increase to the poorest paid workers on the Isle of Man at a time when inflation is running at 4.5% and increases in utility bills, such as electricity, of 7% are imminent.

The Isle of Man is having to cope with stringent fiscal constraints as it grapples to address an anticipated shortfall in government income this year which is substantial.

However, when the recent budget was announced the Treasury Minister indicated that the Island (which still enjoys positive growth) would ensure it met its commitments and safeguarded the most disadvantaged.

It seems however that the Manx government has within weeks failed to honour those assurances by plunging many already surviving on poverty pay into greater distress.

Commenting when the increase was announced The Minister for Trade and Industry, David Cretney:

“This is another step forward for low paid workers in the Isle of Man. Even in difficult economic times we will continue to promote the welfare of those on the lowest incomes.”

However, given the level of increase his words have a hollow ring and the situation of the lowest paid is compounded by the fact that the 10p increase has been deferred from October 2009 so that effectively a cash strapped Manx government has robbed the poorest paid of approx £4.00 a week for six months.

News release about Minimum Wage on Manx DTI site here:


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