• October 25, 2015


Whatever COMIN and the MHKs kicking up a smokescreen over parking in Tynwald believe the main item on the agenda of a lot of people on this Island is how to survive month on month and that just got a lot more difficult for many people with the decision by Manx Gas to hike gas prices when global energy prices are probably lower in relative terms than they have been for the past three decades.

Their greed is staggering matched only by the stupefying arrogance of their response to criticism.

Ever since the ‘Cedric the Pig’ saga, named after controversial British Gas Chief Executive Cedric Brown, the Gas industry has been a by word for greed and Manx Gas have just taken that image to a whole new dimension.

What is really ironic about the saga of our own Manx Gas ‘Cedric the Pigs’ is that we the consumer and tax payer have made it possible for them to rip us off.

I don’t mean the inane ‘gentleman’s agreement’ that the triumvirate of OFT, Treasury and DED gifted to Manx Gas – although that’s bad enough. I mean the infrastructure. The spur on the Bord Gais Eireann pipeline down the west coast, the decision to bring the gas ashore, the pipeline across the Island, all paid for by us so that Manx Gas can now fleece us!

In an Island community where there is no likelihood of competition it’s insane to allow a monopoly in an area as critical as energy supply.

Manx Gas needs to be neutered and swiftly, the only way to do that is for the Government to say ‘we built the infrastructure we have a say in the price you charge’. If Manx gas believes they can challenge that in the Courts change the law to stop them. It’s time for the government to show our own versions of Cedric the Pig who runs the Island and that its not run for the benefit of Manx Gas and its shareholders.

Wake up COMIN the clock is ticking!


Note: Cedric Brown aka ‘Cedric the Pig’ came to prominence after it was learned his pre privatisation salary had increased by over 900% after British Gas was privatised.

Issued by: The Celtic News



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