• July 6, 2011

A rally to commemorate the death of a man killed by a bomb took place in Abergele on Saturday (5th July 2011).

Alwyn Jones 22, was killed along with George Taylor 37, in 1969 after a bomb they were carrying exploded prematurely killing both men, while supposedly involved with Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru (Movement for the Defence of Wales), a paramilitary group that operated in the 1960’s and 70’s in Wales and committed to achieving full Welsh independence. It is thought that the two men were planning to disrupt the investiture of Charles Windsor, while he travelled to Caernarfon by train.

In the years following the event nationalists in Wales began to daub the two men the ‘Abergele martyrs’ and an annual rally to commemorate their deaths was held every year between 1970 and 1999. After a suspension of ten years however the rally was restarted again at the fortieth anniversary of the event by the group Balchder Cymru in 2009. The rally has continued every year since, but at the request of Mr Taylor’s family the event has preceded in the name of Mr Jones only.

Leading the parade in the town was John Jenkins who was arrested in 1970 and sentenced to 10 years for commanding MAC. Speakers at the parade included Adam Philips of Balchder Cymru, Dermot Kelly of Sinn Fein and general secretary (GS) of the Celtic League, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot.

In his speech the GS said:

“All of the Celtic countries have their martyrs who died in an attempt to gain greater autonomy and independence for their respective nations. It is important that we remember every one of these people who have died in this struggle, so that we don’t forget them.”

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot
General Secretary
Celtic League

The Celtic League has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues.

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