• July 29, 2015


Our report on the Intelligence Commissioners Report (IC) earlier this week in which we expressed some scepticism about how open to control and scrutiny the British Security Services are may have to be revised.

The IC had written, without any hint of irony or humour, about how MI5 had a number of warrants refused by NIO Secretary of State Theresa Villiers last year. This it was advanced was ‘oversight’ in action.

It seems the days when the snoops used to hang around call boxes in North Wales (circa 1980s) installing bugging devices (something the League focused on many years ago) were long past.

Was this however we thought the same body who we had recent experience of that breezed in to the Celtic countries on a number of occasions and treated the local plod like ‘Askari’s’ while they went about their dirty deeds?

Perhaps after all they had turned over a new leaf and henceforth things would be more open and above board.

Then we remembered Kincora and their unwillingness to share what they know about the Belfast ‘house of horrors’ and the idea of MI5 ‘bending’ to the will of a ‘political light weight’ like Theresa Villiers MP became laughable.

However, just when we thought that our old certainties about M15 were undiminished someone mentioned the ‘Cinquefoil Trust’.

It appears that MI5 do have a conscience, and like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz all they want is a heart!

Some months ago they registered a ‘spooks charity’, the Cinquefoil Trust, which is used to help personal injured in the line of duty or those in reduced circumstances.

Apparently though, as befits the organisation, even its charity fund raising is shrouded in mystery however it seems that it follows the usual line for all charities of direct donation, raffles, book sales, snooker tournaments etc.

Its Charity Commission listing states it is used for the relief of:

‘financial hardship amongst serving and former members of the security service, the dependants of any such member and those in a family relationship with any such member’.

Of course as befits the organisation’s status the Charity Commission has allowed it to keep some details ‘secret’ (nothing new their then).

An MI5 ‘source’ told a UK newspaper:

‘The trust has been able to make a real difference to people when they most need help and support. ‘It is a great example of the close-knit community.’

Ironically one channel of aid from the charity is providing disability aids and house alterations for ex agents who through injury or illness are disabled. I bet all the people notably the many hundreds injured during the Dublin and Monaghan bombings will find it a trifle ironic as they struggle to cope with their trauma and disability that the organisation that perpetrated it is ‘so caring’ towards its own staff.

Possibly another channel of aid is to those operatives who have psychological trauma as a result of the memories of what they allowed to be perpetrated on innocent young children at Kincora.

An MI5 ‘source’ told a UK newspaper:

‘The trust has been able to make a real difference to people when they most need help and support. ‘It is a great example of the close-knit community.’

It’s typical ‘spy-speak’ for years the UK Intelligence Services have thought of themselves as a ‘community’. It’s a bizarre choice of terminology for a body that has been involved in the destructions of so many communities over the years.

With no registered address or contact number you can only donate to ‘The Cinquefoil Trust’s via the MI5 post box, with correspondence addressed to ‘The Secretary’.

Somehow I don’t think the Celtic League will be sending a donation any day soon!

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J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League



The Celtic League was established in 1961and has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues



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