• November 10, 2015


‘Motion on a charges moratorium is needed then at least people would know who the real bastards in Tynwald are!’

Today the issue of Manx Gas and its charging will surface once again in the House of Keys raised by Chris Thomas MHK so I suppose we should give marks out of ten to Chris for raising it.

However he would only get a low score because the point he is raising relating to any costs Manx Gas Limited may claim in terms of customer account adjustment, communication and public relations are pretty esoteric the real issue the public are concerned about the new charging structure full stop.

Everyone who uses gas (and some who don’t) realise by now that this so called restructuring of standing charges and tariffs is just a money grab and most people are furious that even if they cut down on gas usage (something they shouldn’t have to do particularly at this time of year) they will be ripped-off anyway.

They want MHK/MLCs to do something but they seem totally disinterested. It’s easy to see why. If you are an member of Tynwald lolling about up in ‘the chambers’ your not paying for your heating and you can even pop down to the subsidised canteen for your lunch (that’s if your not dining out with a member of the business community at their expense to discuss that £50 million your giving away). When you get home any concerns about the domestic heating are offset by the knowledge that your salary, departmental stipend(s) and expenses are more than adequate to cover any extra charge Tony Nicholls may have sent your way and in any case I doubt (unlike some of the people contacting our pages) any MHK or MLC will find themselves in the ‘wrong band’.

So there was more Manx ‘Gas’ in Tynwald today but unfortunately it’s not the type you can burn. Anyway thanks to Chris Thomas for raising it but please try again – perhaps a motion for a moratorium on tariff changes Chris – you might not get support but at least then the people would know who the real bastards are in Tynwald!


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