• August 9, 2010

“I want MR to define which nation ‘The Nation’s Station’ is referring to – it’s
obviously not Mann…”

The comments of one contributor to a new Facebook site entitled “Lets have more Manx accents on Manx Radio!

Unlike other Manx facebook manifestations of late this site does not seem to be particularly politicaly focused. However, from the contributions it is clear that there is a disatisfaction with the performance of institutions such as Manx Radio (MR) which should be the media shop window for the Manx identity.

The groups stated objectives are that:

`This is a group for people who want to hear more Manx accents on Manx Radio – OUR’ Nation’s Station’. Please join if you are irritated by the 99.9% of adverts which use English accents and would like Manx Radio to know. Also to let organisations who advertise on MR know that we want Manx voices on their adverts.’

The same contributor who is quoted in the opening paragraph also says:

“The lack of anything Manx annoys me – right through the day! Any Manx
‘presenters’ on the station are marginalised and pigeon-holed into ‘specialist’
progs. The day to day presenters are almost all non-Manx as are the ads.”

The latest facebook site seems to be symptomatic of a growth of opposition to the marginalisation of Manx identity and it seems that at all levels many people are saying, we’ve had enough.

The `Nation’s Station’ had better listen – although perhaps predicting the usual stonewalling over any criticism the Facebook site has amongst its logos an adaptation of a Manx Radio website graphic reading `MANX RADIO the sound of across’.

Whatever happens it is clear that a succesful lift-off for this site may
encourage other areas of Manx public and private life which downplay or
marginalise their identity to come under scrutiny.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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