• March 31, 2017

Down News has an interesting article here on the activities of the Police Servive of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in tackling wild life crime.

“Following the successful launch of Operation Raptor in March 2016, the PSNI have continued to show their commitment to wildlife crime by contributing to a UK initiative named Peregrine Watch.

Peregrine Watch is an initiative to stop any peregrine persecution and this can include theft of eggs and chicks from nests and/or the killing of adults and/or chicks through poisoning, shooting or trapping.

PSNI Sgt Fallis, said; “We have locally pro-actively built excellent relations with the Raptor Study Group in Northern Ireland who monitor and visit all the Peregrine nest sites in Northern Ireland each year and as such, through the appropriate licences, we, along with the raptor group, are checking local nests to ensure crimes against these birds is minimised and that we are familiar with our local protected species.

“The PSNI take all reports of wildlife crime seriously and as such if we receive a report linked to peregrine watch we will respond accordingly. If anyone has information on any type of crime against birds of prey please contact 101”.

Dr Marc Ruddock and Mr Cliff Dawson, two of the peregrine surveyors for Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group (NIRSG) who have been out surveying with PSNI officers both have welcomed the initiative saying:

“The NIRSG welcomes the PSNI initiative locally especially since we lose a number of peregrines each year, particularly to illegal poisoning or shooting.”

Full article at this link:


Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.


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