• May 3, 2018

The petition against the renaming of the second Severn Crossing to the Prince of Wales Bridge is one of the biggest in the history of  Welsh politics, with approaching 40,000 signatures. An opinion poll now also discredits Westminster Government’s Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns MP, claim that the “wider, silent majority is absolutely with us” on renaming the bridge. The new YouGov poll, commissioned by Nation.Cymru, found that only 17% of people in Wales support the name change.  Of those just 7% ‘strongly supported’ the name change. A further 10% ‘tended to support’ the change. Twice the number, 34%, opposed renaming the bridge, with opposition to the plan in Cardiff standing at 51%.

Severn Crossing is a term used to refer to the two motorway crossings over the River Severn estuary between England and Wales. The unilateral UK government decision to rename a major road bridge across the River Severn (Welsh: Afon Hafren) after Prince Charles has drawn considerable criticism in Wales. The petition in opposition to the renaming of the second Severn Crossing continues to grow. The renaming has been described as a sycophantic display of forelock-tugging towards the English royal family. Many point out that if the bridge is to be renamed then it should represent someone or something of particular cultural significance to Wales, and done in consultation with the people.

Submitted by Alastair Kneale on 03/05/2018

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