• March 23, 2020

In a press release the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) called on the Irish Government to take measures to prevent transmission of Covid 19 from US troops transiting though Shannon Airport.

Edward Horgan of Shannonwatch witnessed three OMNI Air US troop carriers refuel at Shannon Airport before travelling on to Middle East war zones. The estimated 900 troops on board such planes can take up the option to relax for a few hours at the airport restaurant and duty-free area along with normal civilians awaiting flights.

Those Middle East countries that have been devastated by intervention wars will not be able to prevent the spread of this virus to their own people and to the thousands of US/NATO troops based here.

Edward Horgan spokesperson for PANA stated, the best response is for the government to call a halt to US war planes refuelling at Shannon airport, and in the short term to insist that all US troops transiting through Shannon airport must remain on board their planes. 

PANA calls on the Irish Government and all responsible members of the United Nations to end unjustified sanctions on war-impoverished countries and to insist that the United Nations be allowed to carry out its primary role of creating international peace, which it is being prevented from doing by several of its Security Council permanent members.

It is pertinent to note that the so-called Spanish flu, which killed millions, likely originated in the US, in a military base training soldiers who were sent to the First World War in Europe. As U.S. troops deployed en masse for the war effort in Europe, they carried the flu with them. See Wikipedia for more info.

Posted by Éire Branch Celtic League (22nd March 2020)

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