• August 26, 2011

Concerns are being raised about the influence being wielded on UK government ministers by the man who is next in line to the English throne, following a newspaper’s retrieval of letters and emails by an English newspaper.

Earlier this week The Guardian newspaper claimed that it had obtained letters and emails that show Charles Windsor’s charities and aides have been regularly lobbying government ministers on a range of sensitive issues from VAT increases to regional development spending on behalf of the English Prince. Earlier on in the week the same newspaper reported that the Mayor of London had been written to by the Private Secretary of Prince Charles (AKA Charles Windsor), Sir Michael Peat, but London’s City Hall was refusing to disclose the details of the correspondence amid fears that its content could compromise the “political neutrality” of the Prince.

The heir to the English throne is supposed to be impartial on political matters, which is one of the suggestions a spokesperson from London City Hall made for refusing to disclose the contents of the letter sent on behalf of the Prince. A spokesman for City Hall said:

“Disclosure of this information would adversely affect the Prince of Wales because, as heir to the throne, the sensitivity of his communications with public authorities are unlikely to diminish with time due to the fact that once he is the sovereign he will remain in office for life…

“Disclosure therefore could appear to undermine his political neutrality. Furthermore, release of this information would impinge upon the Prince of Wales’s privacy.”

A spokesman for the organisation `Republic’ said:

“The concept of the prince’s political neutrality is worthless unless public bodies can be open about what he is saying to them.”

However it is clearly evident that Charles Windsor, who has been criticised in the past for attempting to influence the government’s political agenda, feels he is above constitutional law. News of the attempted cover up and political swindling will come as no surprise to campaigners from Cornwall, where Charles Windsor heads up the massively wealthy and influential Duchy of Cornwall Estate. The Cornish Stannary Parliament has been lobbying and campaigning for years to get Charles Windsor – who is also the Duke of Cornwall – to admit that he has been abusing his privileged position in Cornwall for personal financial gain, in what is one of the poorest regions of the British Isles.

The Celtic League supports and promotes independence for all the Celtic countries and sees no role for a monarchy in the future of any of our nations. The League is aware that some of the nationalist parties and groups in the Celtic countries are ambivalent or pragmatic in their position towards the English monarchy, but the League is uncompromising in its stance in this regard.

The General Secretary of the League will be writing to the UK Minister with responsibility for Constitutional Affairs to call for the greater transparency of Charles Windsor’s political meddling.


The Guardian newspaper article:


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