• March 16, 2021

The RAF at Valley have responded to the Celtic League query sent last week about the operations of jet trainers based at the base over the Central Irish Area. The query was sent after a post (screenshot taken) from a flight radar online website was shared to our (Main Facebook) site from another source. This suggested that a trainer(s) had entered Irish airspace.

In the reply from Squadron Leader DM Williams OC Media Communication Squadron. RAF Valley the RAF says:

“P’Nawn da / Good afternoon Mr Moffatt,

Further to your enquiry below I can confirm that:

RAF aircraft from RAF Valley do not enter or use Irish airspace for routine training. We confine our activity to the UK Flight Information Region (FIR), aka UK airspace;

If Irish airspace needed to be entered for any reason, we would seek permission beforehand through Diplomatic channels;

RAF Valley aircraft did not enter Irish airspace last week. If you have any information that suggests otherwise, please forward it to me and I will investigate further.

Diolch yn fawr / Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Dave Williams

”The Celtic League welcomes the prompt response from the RAF on this issue.

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Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (15th March 2021)

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