• March 1, 2011

The HSE Nuclear Safety Directorate has responded to queries from the Celtic League about the monitoring of storm-water outfalls (see link below):


“Dear Mr Moffat,

Thank you for your letter of the 15 February 2011 in which you enquired whether ND has a site log/map identifying contaminated locations at Sellafield (and any information which would relate to the proximity to ‘natural’ watercourses e.g. storm drains). Whilst ND, itself, does not keep such a log/map, the licensee is required to have adequate Arrangements under the site licence to monitor, detect and record any leakage of radioactive material.

To assist you in your enquiry, you will find quite extensive information on the Sellafield web site: sellafieldsites.com – there are sections, for example, on groundwater monitoring, leak detection, geology/hydrogeology & contaminated land

To aid you further, we have today posted you a copy of the latest Sellafield Ltd Annual Report which gives comprehensive data on groundwater matters: it will help foster understanding on a number of areas where it appears that you are seeking clarity.

We trust you will find this information helpful.

Yours faithfully,”

Since receipt of the above the `Report’ mentioned in the letter has been received and it does contain comprehensive information on measures taken by the plant to monitor surface and groundwater pollution. However given the comments from HSE/NSD the system seems to be one of self regulation and this can hardly be satisfactory.

A response to a separate communication to the Environment Agency is still awaited.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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