• February 23, 2016


You have to hand it to ‘the business community’ they really do want our cake to eat.

In the past few months the Isle of Man government ‘like a blind man in a reading room’ has been shovelling benefits in their direction. The £50 million Economic Development Fund (EDF) on top of the financial packages that were already in place not to mention the income tax offset provisions which ‘lucky’ EDF recipients will also accrue.

In the budget speech the Treasury Minister was to busy threatening public sector workers with the sack if they were not ‘reasonable’ but he didn’t lay a glove on the business sector. In Bell’s workers paradise the business community can do no wrong.

But still it’s not enough listen to this character one of a series of the great and the good who were invited for a view by the Nations Station he’s still whingeing (link):


We must crack down on these ‘dreadful public sector pensions’ and of course next up on the agenda is the state pension and the OAP pension supplement which has already been slashed.

We already have Bill Henderson MLC up in the Treasury like the grim reaper taking his scythe to the unemployed and those on incapacity but this shower the business community want more.

Now I just wonder what the pension pot and salary range down at Harding Lewis accountants and all the other accountancy outfits around the Island is. I bet there’s not much belt tightening there!

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m becoming nauseous at the whining from ‘the business community’ which in no small part helped to get the Island to where it is today – one notch up from skid row!

Someone else is always the problem, government, public sector workers, public pensions, state pension’s benefits etc.

The business community always know what the problem is and it’s never them. They never concede anything they just stand there with an ever open mouth waiting for the government to respond.

Years ago I remember being told that these folk were the wealth creators in our community only they haven’t created wealth governments acquiescent accommodating attitude towards them has created a nightmare.

It’s time they shaped up and contributed something to society instead of constant carping with the metaphorical hand outstretched.

Also its past time the media stopped giving them and the right wing business friendly politicians of this administration the oxygen of publicity for their distorted analysis of how everyone else is to blame for our predicament!


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