• May 20, 2011

Whilst opposition to the English Queens visit to Ireland, outside of republican ncircles in Ireland, has been fairly muted one prominent Irish celebrity has this week launched an outspoken attack on her likening the concept of the English nmonarchy to “fascism in full flow”.

In an article for the UK music newspaper `Hot Press’ the Manchester-Irish musician Morrissey describes the Queens Irish trip as “part of a new Palace PR campaign to reinvent the Windsors.”

He also reminds Irish people dewy-eyed at the Royal visit that:

“as recently as the turn of the 1980s the Queen supported Margaret Thatcher by not dismissing Thatcher as she allowed hunger strikers to die at the Maze Prison, most famously Bobby Sands, who was 27 years old. As Sands starved to death in protest at being tagged a ‘criminal’ and not a ‘political prisoner’ by the Thatcher government, the Queen sat in her Palace and said nothing. If the Queen had any human feelings for the Sands family or other hunger strikers then nshe did not express them.”

He goes on:

“The very existence of the Queen and her now enormous family – all supported by the British taxpayer whether the British taxpayer likes it or not – is entirely against any notion of democracy, and is against freedom of speech. For a broad historical view of what the Queen is and how she “rules”, examine Gaddafi or Mubarak, and see if you can spot any difference.”

Link to Hot Press article here:


News report in Irish World here:


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