• August 3, 2015


When the Scottish Referendum campaign was in full swing I used to pay visits to the plethora of Indyref Yes sites which sprang up and which undoubtedly helped swing what had been a certain NO vote to a really tight fought race.

No significant main stream media supported the YES camp and in this vacuum the online sites flourished.

Two of my favourites were Wings over Scotland (written by Stuart Campbell) and the Wee Ginger Dug (written by Paul Kavanagh). Campbell was analytical Kavanagh was acerbic and witty. I still pay visits to these sites and today on ‘the Dug’ Kavanagh excels himself.

His article starts with a commentary on the award of a peerage to Scottish business woman and entrepreneur, Michelle Mone, who just happened to be one of the most vociferous and high profile No campaigners, exceeded only on the ‘glitterati’ scale by J K Rowling.

However his article goes on to deconstruct the whole concept of democracy in the UK (and he manages to remain witty). He says:

“Being British is an embarrassment and the sooner we escape this ridiculous Ruritanian charade, the better we’ll all be”

If anything the article demonstrates to us why Scotland has got to get that second referendum and breaks free because once Scotland makes the move the rest of the Celtic countries appended to ‘Britain’ may also summon up the courage to break the chains.

It’s only rarely do I simply post a link but here is his article and it’s well worth a read – and remember the Dug is freelance so if you can give a donation:

A moan about useful idiots

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