• April 11, 2011


There are to be questions in Tynwald (the Manx parliament) next week about a recent visit to the Isle of Man by officials of the US Government.

In March, as part of a protracted exchange with the Celtic League over the alleged involvement of Isle of Man interests in Iranian arms shipments the Manx Chief Minister said the Island’s government had satisfied the United States that it was not involved.

In correspondence he said:

“Since our last correspondence we have received no further evidence to support the allegation that the “Visea” was used to tranship arms to Egypt, where it was said to have been collected by the “Francop”. Furthermore, we have had a visit of the US Office Foreign Asset Control and US Embassy officials – and neither provided any further evidence or other information about the alleged shipment.”

(See full text of letter and report on CL News here):


Next week in Tynwald Bill Henderson MHK has questions down about the matter. Mr Henderson is asking:

“Whether the Island was recently visited by United States officials from the Office of Foreign Asset Control and their Embassy; what the purpose of this visit was; what rank or status these officials held; and whom they saw?”

Also in what appears to be a related question he asks:

“In the last (a) five years and (b) 12 months, how many (i) staff and (ii) other persons have visited the Isle of Man without any public announcement to conduct business with any particular section of the Isle of Man Government?”

The questions are Numbers 1 and 18 on the order paper which can be accessed here:


At the time the Chief Minister gave his assurance that the US believed the Isle of Man had `a clean bill of health’ on the issue. The Celtic League were taken aback as the original suggestion of Manx links had come from the Israeli Embassy in London. Israel being a close ally of the US and the two countries security
services work closely together.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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