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Alba / Scotland is one of the three Gaelic nations. Deprived of self-government by the Act of Union in 1707, Scotland is progressing towards regaining its sovereignty with the re-establishment of the devolved Scottish Parliament after a popular vote.

We campaign for Scotland’s right to choose independence, its Gàidhlig language, and various other human rights, political and environmental issues.

“The fight for independence is on!”

March and Rally


The March and Rally on 21 September 2013 gathered on Edinburgh’s High Street (part of the Royal Mile) before moving to Calton Hill. Police Scotland estimates for the rally were approx. 30,000 at the rally and 20,000 on the march. The Scottish Police Federation and organisers put the figures at 25,000 to 30,000.[9]

Political speakers included Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond from the Scottish National Party, Patrick Harvie from the Scottish Green Party, Colin Fox from the Scottish Socialist Party, Carolyn Leckie from Women for Independence, and Allan Grogan from Labour for Independence. Elaine C Smith hosted the event. Guest speakers via video link included the Proclaimers, Alan Cummings, and Sean Connery

Celtic League Support

From left to right we have: Pat Bridson representing Mannin, Kerron O Luain (Eire) with the Cornish Flag, Caoimhin O Cadhla (Eire) with the Welsh flag, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot (Cymru and Kernow) holding the Irish flag and the Celtic League flag along with Les McNulty (Alba) who is also holding the Alba Celtic League flag with Ray Bell (Alba), on the right.

Listen to Iain Ramsay’s, CL Secretary, inspiring speech for Scottish independence in Edinburgh on Saturday 21 September 2013.

Support in Breizh

Coinciding with the Independence Rally in Alba, Bretagne-Ecosse, (The Brittany-Scotland Association) held a vigil in support of Scottish Independence. The main organisers were Pierre Deligniere and Rob Gibson.

Iain Ramsay Alba Branch Secretary

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